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EGC Premium Experience Voucher

EGC Premium Experience Voucher

  • Winch launch to 1,000’.
  • Aerotow launch to 2,000’.
  • An opportunity to fly the glider.
  • One month's temporary membership of the club, starting from date of flight.
  • Minimum flight time 25-30 minutes.
  • Terms and Conditions

    The following apply to all purchases made via this website.

    “The Club” = Edgehill Gliding Centre Ltd

    “Voucher holders” = The person who will use the voucher to receive a flight experience.

    1. ​All flights begin and end at Shenington Airfield.
    2. Every voucher for a “flight experience” is valid for one year unless otherwise stated.
    3. The Club reserves the right to cancel any voucher but will endeavour to provide a full reason for cancellation.
    4. The club reserves the ri