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Edgehill Gliding Centre with Shenington Airfield

Joe Gibbs, EGC Board Member and owner of Shenington Airfield

“I am fully behind gliding remaining on the airfield, and will support EGC in its ambition to rejuvenate flying activity on the site. We share the ambition to make Shenington Airfield a more open place, where people from the wider community want to come and stay. For example, I share the EGC vision to make this a training base, and am fully behind the idea of developing Junior flying on site. I do see the presentation of the whole site improving, with further and continued investment into the facilities. I am very open to ambitious suggestions and ideas that will help us to achieve our vision.”

Lucy Wootton, EGC Project Lead

“Edgehill Gliding Centre will offer a home for pilots of all levels, from initial trainees through to experienced cross-country pilots seeking the freedom to fly in unrestricted and uncluttered airspace. The combination of aerotowing and winching on a big airfield with hard runways, in close proximity to a soarable ridge, means that we will continue to operate throughout the year. We’re looking forward to welcoming friends back to our ever-popular Regionals in the near future and another ambition is to continue developing Shenington Airfield as a ‘go to’ place for Junior Gliding in the UK.”

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