Each year, Edgehill Gliding Centre hosts the Shenington Regionals, a gliding competition for pilots from across the UK. Whether you are a seasoned competition pilot or just starting out on your competition flying journey, you are most welcome to join us.

The Shenington Regionals 2023 will be from 1st-9th July. Join us for nine days of competition, as well as the usual entertainments and fun!

Registration opens on Sunday 13th November 2022 at 20:00. Click the button below to take you to registration!



  1. Pete Smith

  2. Edward Smith

  3. Peter Hibbard

  4. Jane Nash

  5. Dave Bray

  6. Danny Richmond

  7. Kate Byrne

  8. Alex O'Keefe

  9. Sarah Platt

  10. Alastair Mutch

  11. Mick Webb

  12. Lee Davidson

  13. Geoff Williams

  14. Paul Smith

  15. Neill Atkins

  16. Alicia Carpenter

  17. Tim Davies

  18. Greg O'Hagan

  19. Paul Copland

  20. James Clarke

  21. Andrew D'Arcy

  22. Walter Baumann

  23. Luca MacGregor

  24. Basil Fairston

  25. Anne Soltow

  26. Nigel Bray

  27. George Green

  28. John Tanner

  29. Rod Connors

  30. Michael Hunton

  31. Christophe Mutricy

  32. John Ferguson

  33. Brian Scougall

  34. Miles Bailey

  35. Gordon Craig

  36. Steve Eyles


Peter Baker

Tim Williamson

Ben Hilton

Guy Corbett

Peter Scheiwiller

John Strzebrakowski

Manny Williamson

John Staley

Mark Sanders

Phil Dolan

Gareth Francis

Lachlan Sloan

Ian Campbell

Steve Codd

Guy Glover/Mike Costin

John Inglis

Dave Bramwell

Gary Newbrook