2ND - 10TH JULY 2022

The Shenington Regionals is back after a two year break! There will be 33 spaces in the competition.

We have one place remaining, so register using the link below.

Join us for nine days of competition, as well as the usual entertainments and fun!

Keep an eye on this page for regular updates.



Below is the list of pilots with a place in the competition:

  1. Pete Smith/Claire Willson

  2. Ross Morriss

  3. Geoff Williams

  4. Dave D'Arcy

  5. Simon Armitage

  6. John Ferguson

  7. Steve Eyles

  8. James Clarke

  9. Miles Bailey

  10. Walter Baumann

  11. Guy Glover/Mike Costin/Clive Groves

  12. Richard Slater

  13. Rod Connors

  14. Evan Skelhorn

  15. John Tanner

  16. Paul Copland

  17. Red Staley

  18. Graham Bowser

  19. Tim Wheeler

  20. John Roberts

  21. Gordon Craig

  22. Richard Large

  23. Paul Smith

  24. Peter Scheiwiller

  25. Steve Tilling

  26. Alastair Mutch

  27. Steve Codd

  28. Peter Baker

  29. John Inglis

  30. Tim Fletcher

  31. Basil Fairston

  32. Nigel Bray


No pilots on waiting list